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Dethatching & Skid Steer Work

Dethatching & Skid Steer Work

Keep your lawn healthy and vibrant with the help of lawn care experts at Against the Elements, LLC. We believe lawn dethatching is just as essential as aeration and overseeding, as it promotes long-term, beautiful lawn growth.

Thatch is a layer of dead roots, stems, grass, and other debris between the upper grass blades and the soil. If the layer is more than three inches thick, it compromises the health of the grass above as well as the overall turf. Plus, dethatching at the wrong time can expose your lawn to various harmful elements that exacerbate existing problems.

You may also require skid steer work to clear your lawn of dirt, debris, and other contaminants. We understand that excavating dirt for trenches or brush-clearing to build a beautiful lawn can be a struggle. Our experts are skilled and experienced in managing earth-moving projects so you don’t have to.

Our skid steer services also include digging holes for trees, installing landscaping, preparing sod ground, removing snow, and several other tasks using the highest quality equipment and machinery. We aim to exceed your expectations and deliver tailored solutions for your unique requirements.

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