Weed-Free Pavers? No Problem: How To Keep Your Patio Pristine

Weed-Free Pavers? No Problem: How To Keep Your Patio Pristine

If you’re looking to install a paver patio in your backyard, it’s essential to take steps to ensure that the area remains weed-free. Weeds can quickly take over a paver patio, making it difficult to keep clean and looking its best.

In this blog post, Against The Elements, LLC will discuss some methods for keeping your patio weed-free and beautiful all year long!

The Trouble with Weeds

Many homeowners will tell you that keeping a paver patio weed-free is one of the biggest challenges they face. Pavers are often installed with a small amount of gravel or sand between them to create a weed barrier, but this method doesn’t always work perfectly.

Weeds can grow where gaps exist in the pavers, and there’s nothing more frustrating than having your paver patio overtaken by weeds!

Tried and True Methods

There must be a solution for every problem, and the challenge of keeping your patio weed-free is no exception. Here are some trusty techniques you can try:

  1. Mulching: this involves setting a thick layer of mulch around the perimeter of your patio. The mulch will help quash weed growth and add color and texture to your outdoor space.
  2. Edging: while helping to contain the mulch, edging also helps to keep your patio pristine by preventing weeds from growing along its edges.
  3. Invasive treatments: you can use a weed killer safe for pavers and won’t harm the environment to treat any already present weeds. Re-apply the product throughout the season as needed.

Alternative Methods

If you’d prefer to cut back expenses and opt for homemade methods, there are several ways to go about weed control.

Give ‘Em Vinegar!

Combine vinegar and salt in a spray bottle, then apply the mixture to weeds that have already sprouted up through your patio pavers. The two ingredients will act as a relatively safe herbicide for people and pets exposed to it.

Ready to Boil

Try using boiling water on visible weeds and watch them shrivel up.

Suppose you have a large area of pavers. In that case, this method may be challenging to use without spilling water on the surrounding patio surface or yard. Make sure that your pavers are not made of materials such as wood or metal that boiling water could damage.

Warnings for Weed-Killers

While weed prevention is the best way to maintain a weed-free patio, be careful not to take it too far.

Herbicides can be treacherous and should only be used as a last resort. Choose an herbicide labeled explicitly for use on pavers or other hardscapes, and always read the label before using it.

When applying any weed-killer, take care to avoid overspray onto neighboring plants, gardens, or lawns. Be especially careful if you or your neighbors have pets or children, as herbicides can be poisonous.


Not many things are as pleasing to the eye as a beautiful patio. All that hard work, time, and money you put into your yard will be for nothing if you don’t maintain it over time.

For all your questions on weed-free patios and more, Against The Elements, LLC is in Pinckney, MI, to help. We’re a fully trusted landscape company with years of experience creating and caring for beautiful outdoor spaces.

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