How Is Landscape Drainage Beneficial For Your Property?

How Is Landscape Drainage Beneficial For Your Property?

The fall happens to be the rainiest & most drainage-dependent month in most parts of Michigan, such as South Lyon. That precipitation is also interspersed with snowmelt, sleet, & hail. This water needs a place to go without making residential & commercial areas look like a swamp. The bodies that retain the most water are your very own lawns, gardens, and landscapes.

Too much water leads to higher water tables, poor soil quality, salinity, and loss of vegetation. It may be cold outside, but the hard ground is just what you need in soil workability to install landscape drains and swales at the curbs.

Against the Elements has been operating in South Lyon with a spotless portfolio of local successes. In that light, we feel entitled to impart the benefits of landscape drainage to you!

Your Home’s Foundations Are Protected

Excess rainwater will always flow to the lowest level around your home, which can be the foundations – of your home! Drainage, landscape sloping, and grading are crucial aspects of keeping your house’s foundations dry from the excess water. If you haven’t, you better let us get started on installing drainage before the spring melt.

Your Crawl Spaces Stay Dry

When proper drainage is installed in a lawn or a landscape, like French drains, they direct the rain & snowmelt away from the foundation and crawlspace and into the stormwater sewers. If your crawl spaces are well protected from the intruding moisture, it means no mold or mildew growths permeating your home’s ventilation systems.

No Conditions for Infestation

In addition to encouraging mold growth, water intrusion caused by poor landscape drainage can also create humid crawl spaces. Insects & rodents might take a liking to such environs. Over time, you not only have withering landscape plants and wet foundations but may also have termites. Installing landscape drainage doesn’t magically make pests disappear, but it creates dry & cool conditions that don’t encourage infestation at all.

You Get Controlled Soil Erosion

Heavy rains can upset flower bed edges, seedbed soil, and the grass’s aesthetics. The water also erodes the nutrient-rich mulch and natural compost layers. Installing landscape drainage directs the stormwater through dedicated channels without washing the fertile topsoil away.

Good Drainage Keeps Your Driveway Intact

When suitable landscape drainage is installed, it’s a given that all land & hardscape elements will equally benefit from the reduction in stagnant water. At times your driveway might be collecting water from the landscape’s spill-over. And we all know how dangerous water is for asphalt pavement. The better your landscape’s drainage, the longer your driveway lasts.

If your residence or commercial storefront in South Lyon, MI, happens to have landscape drainage and catch basins, be sure to clear the grates once in a while, so no debris blocks them. But if you decide on getting drains installed, then call upon Against the Elements to help you drain your landscape from the wetter elements.

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