Hardscape Design Considerations For Fall 2021

Hardscape Design Considerations For Fall 2021

As you plan the exterior of your home for the Fall of 2021 in Milford, it is essential to consider all elements of hardscape design. Numerous options are available to homeowners looking to make their homes more visually appealing, from pathways and patios to outdoor fireplaces and ponds. Before investing in any new hardscaping endeavors, be sure that they fit your lifestyle needs and complement the architecture of your home.

An expert hardscaping company like Against the Elements can transform your outdoor space into a treat for sore eyes.

Landscape and hardscape design can be pretty tricky. For example, if you have a large yard with plenty of space for entertaining guests during summer, an outdoor fireplace may be just what you need! Not only will this addition look stunning against the backdrop of greenery surrounding it, but it will provide warmth on chilly autumn evenings spent gathered around its cozy, nurturing flames. Take a look at these hardscape design considerations for fall 2021.

Making the Most of Fall Flowers

Mums are always a popular choice for flower pots, but it’s worth considering other options that work better in the fall. Ornamental kale or cabbage can be mixed with pansies and violas to create an autumnal effect without having too many same-colored flowers on your front porch. Hay bales make excellent accents when decorated with pumpkins, while cornstalks provide great texture alongside decorative fruit trees like an apple tree—a simple upgrade that speaks volumes! You could even incorporate container gardens by adding more color at least once during this season of leaves changing colors. These new additions will also help hide any weeds if they pop up between mowing sessions.

Furniture and Foliage

Fall coloration can make, say, a Japanese maple tree mimic the hue of your garden bench, leading to a layer-like look and feel. Picture it! With a concrete board paneled screen and muted colors, there will be a shine against this fall landscape and a depth for picturesque scenes throughout an entire garden or yard.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your garden bench turn into this vibrant gemstone-hued natural phenomenon? You’ll need concrete board panels to mimic its color – make sure you do this as subtlety as possible so that it appears natural.

Playing with Colors, Shapes, and Textures

One of the most beloved combos in the world is back! This time with all your favorite trees. You can start by placing blue cascade atlas cedars as a focal point for visitors before directing them to an eye-catching billowy Thunderhead pine, also called Burke’s red pine (make sure you have one). Pairing arborvitae and Van den Akker Alaskan yews make your landscape feel more intimate while still having plenty going on throughout – it’s not hard if you’ve been at this game long enough though, because these two species are easily accessible from any nearby yard sale or nursery. A great place to display houseplants might be behind sets like the one we have described. They will add character to your decor without taking up space.

Your hardscape design is in your hands. We hope you enjoyed reading these hardscape design ideas for this fall and will consider them. If you are in the market for landscape design and installation, hardscapes and retaining walls, lawn and landscape maintenance, etc., get a free estimate from Against the Elements.