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Against The Elements provides hardscape design and installation services in the Milford area, including retaining walls, brick pavers, fire pits, patios and more. We provide our customers the complete solution for making their outdoor environment come to life with expert design, construction and installation services. With over 15 years of experience, we’ve helped many home and business owners create the perfect outdoor environment for their needs.

Customer care is our specialty, and we want you to be satisfied with our services and take pride in our results. We are dedicated to each project with the knowledge that every property requires a different approach and exceptional attention to detail. Our small-scale approach allows for more personal interaction with our clients and establishes open communication that ensures we help them achieve their goals. Bring your vision to life with Against The Elements today!

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Hardscape Planning and Design Services in Milford, MI

As a hardscape contractor with more than 15 years of experience, Against the Elements understands the importance of consistency in wall and path construction. We perform the entire range of hardscape services, beginning with the design phase and not ending until all structures in your yard are complete. This allows us to ensure that every achievable element of the initial design makes it into the final product and that any changes we need to make do not interfere with the overall effect.

We work with locally manufactured products such as Unilock, Fendt, Rosetta, Redi Rock, and The Oaks. We also use natural materials such as flagstone, boulders, ledgerock, and limestone.

Brick Paver Installation

As an experienced brick paver company, we have access to a myriad of hardscape options, as well as the expertise to arrange them in unique and intriguing patterns. Our team is trained to construct beautiful brick walkways and driveways which will remain intact no matter how severe the weather gets. By fitting each brick carefully together and rooting them solidly in place, we minimize both safety issues and the work you will have to do maintaining them.


Retaining Wall Installation

Of all the walls you can install in your yard, retaining walls are among the most important, as they hold soil in place and protect it from erosion. Against the Elements is committed to installing walls that will perform these functions reliably for years. We take your budget, aesthetic preferences, and soil characteristics into account, optimizing the walls for all these factors.

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Flagstone Patios and Fire Pits

Our hardscape services are not limited to walls and paths, and neither should your yard. A patio gives you, your family, and your guests a sturdy area to sit and enjoy the yard’s beauty. It is indispensable for any yard worth looking at. Likewise, a fire pit offers a focal point to sit around and converse, and the heat it provides is no small matter during Michigan’s cold winters.


Quality hardscapes add beauty, longevity, and function to your yard. For more information or to get started installing them, contact Against the Elements today!

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