Dethatch & Aerate Your Lawn: What’s The Best Time To Do It?

Dethatch & Aerate Your Lawn: What’s The Best Time To Do It?

Dethatching and aerating your lawn is not a particularly difficult task. However, choosing the ideal time to do this can be tricky. Following these simple guidelines provided by Against the Elements LLC should help you aerate your lawn in Whitmore Lake, MI, without any complications!

Dethatching Before Aerating

Aeration is essential for helping to improve grass growth because it allows much-needed oxygen to reach the soil. Adding organic matter will also encourage soil organisms that break down thatch build-up, reducing compaction and promoting healthy root growth. It’s essential to consider both of these benefits when doing one or the other. Still, since aeration improves drainage by allowing water, nutrients, and airflow between the soil and grass roots – we recommend doing aeration first!

Time of the Year

Aeration is excellent for your lawn because it allows much-needed airflow between soil and grassroots, which reduces compaction. However, the best months to aerate are when conditions are cooler. You should also do this before dethatching. If you combine these two processes, make sure to leave enough time for recovery after lawn treatment. We know exactly what you’re thinking now – aerating your lawn in the fall? How about winter? Although both sound like excellent options, aerating in early to mid-fall will provide plenty of time for recovery. This allows roots to grow deep and thick to absorb any seasonal moisture.

The Cost To Aerate & Dethatch Your Lawn

The cost to aerate and dethatch your lawn varies. Many different factors will impact the price, such as the size of the property, type of grass, frequency of treatments, etc. For example, if you have an acre yard with grass, expect to pay around $2 per square foot for both procedures. This takes into consideration two technicians working on two separate visits (one for aerating and one for dethatching), plus equipment rental costs. However, smaller properties may be less expensive to aerate and dethatch!

In conclusion, we know spring is the best time to aerate your lawn when the soil is moist enough to drive the cores in without drying out. This isn’t wet enough for spraying yet, but you can get small equipment like a power rake on your lawn without creating ruts.

On the other hand, the best time to dethatch your lawn is fall (or early spring) after seeding or overseeding. This is the optimum time to aerate and clear out thatch, a layer of dead grass at the soil surface.

At Against The ELements LLC, we help your lawn get the perfect balance of shade, moisture, and sunlight to produce a healthy green tint. We’ve successfully treated many lawns in Whitmore Lake, MI. Our mission is simple: to provide prompt, professional service for all your lawn care needs.

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