5 Mistakes To Avoid During Landscape Design & Installation

5 Mistakes To Avoid During Landscape Design & Installation

Landscape design and installation are two processes that require in-depth consideration to ensure they are done correctly. Making mistakes during landscape design can ruin the landscape, making it difficult to grow plants or trees. Furthermore, installing landscape incorrectly can lead to erosion problems or other issues with soil compaction in the future.

The following is a list of five common mistakes made by amateur landscape designers and installers – avoid these at all costs to attain a truly satisfying outdoor space!

1. Not Taking the Time to Research Plants Before Purchasing Them

Before you even start landscape design, it is essential to research plants for your landscape. You don’t want to make the mistake of purchasing plants that are not suited for your landscape or regional climatic conditions!

  • Please make sure all potential plant species can thrive in your landscape by researching their requirements.
  • Ensure you have the proper landscape conditions for the plants you are purchasing.
  • Consider how your landscape design will look with different plant types and colors before finalizing any landscape purchase decisions.

2. Forgetting to Account for Height Differences

Remember, landscape plants should be selected based on their mature height. If you don’t account for these height differences, your landscape design will not look as intended when the plants mature!

For example, if a tree is going to grow too close to an outdoor wall, you should do your best to find a tree that grows slowly and can be trimmed accordingly.

If you are unsure how tall your landscape plants will get over time, consult an expert before finalizing any landscape purchase decisions.

3. Not Using the Right Grading for Your Site

Grading refers to how much of your landscape slopes or is level relative to where it meets the house, sidewalk, patio, etc.

To avoid making this common landscape design mistake, ensure that the ground around the landscape site has the correct grading.

4. Creating an Uninviting Entranceway

A well-maintained landscape feels welcoming and makes a solid first impression on visitors or clients, while one that’s not maintained can be a real turn-off.

The best landscape designs include enough room for people to move about but still feel contained – and that means not overcrowding paths. You also want them to have some border so users can easily differentiate landscape from a walkway.

5. Forgetting About Drainage During Construction

Drainage refers to how water is carried away from the landscape site after it rains or when you irrigate the landscape.

To avoid this landscape design mistake, make sure there’s a way for water to flow through your landscape and out of wherever it drains (i.e., grading, drainage lines under mulch). If not, pooling can occur, which can lead to landscape damage and poor plant growth.

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