5 Eco-Friendly DIY Snow Removal Ideas For Your Landscape!

5 Eco-Friendly DIY Snow Removal Ideas For Your Landscape!

Before you start thinking about salt as an effective deicer, let us stop you right there! Rock salt is undoubtedly used for deicing in the US since the 1940s, but it is also one of the most harmful snow removal methods on all fronts. Salt pollutes the soil & renders it infertile for your landscaping plans so forget it. Salt also affects lakes & rivers and the wildlife in them. Salt damages the ecosystem.

Against The Elements is distinguished as your trusted local landscaping & snow removal experts so you can rely on our services and our eco-friendly DIY snow removal advice for your winter landscapes.

1. Shovel By Hand

Though this activity requires you to get out in the snow (when it eventually comes), it’s a good exercise & you are doing your bit for the environment. We suggest you go to your local hardware store and stock up on a sturdy & ergonomic shovel. Kids rack up quite an income shoveling lawns & driveways in the neighborhood, so it can also be a quality chore.

2. Use an Electric Blower

Snow removal is simple with a snowblower, and using an electric one makes it more environmentally friendly. Gas-powered machines of any kind discharge pollutants into the atmosphere, some of which are highly poisonous.

3. Use Eco-Friendly Deicers

Ditch the rock salt and look in your pantry for these delightful natural and non-polluting ingredients to melt ice.

  • Sugar Beet Juice: this one is being used commercially in both the US & Canada, and it works magically by reducing the freezing points of ice & snow in their landscapes and pavement.
  • Coffee Grounds: Used coffee grounds are a deicer & traction boosting agent with zero negative impact on your shrubbery and lawn. If you are a coffee junkie, it’s all dandy, but please do exercise care with your winter coffee consumption.
  • Alfalfa Fertilizer: This grainy soil nutrient also acts as a traction agent to prevent slippage problems. Just sprinkle it about your flower pots, bushes, and lawns to melt the ice off. It’s also ideal for driveways. The surface runoff does not harm the surrounding landscape.

4. Get Some Wood Mulch

Not only does the mulch make your landscape look more appealing, but it makes it look like a winter wonderland. Mulch keeps the roots of your prized hedges & shrubs safe from the frost and snow. It also helps to protect the grass and other delicate living elements of your landscape.

5. Natural Traction Boosters

Sand, sawdust, and fireplace ash are examples of things that can be scattered about to increase traction. They may also be combined with an eco-friendly deicer (like coffee grounds!) to boost faster snowmelt.

If you have a pet cat, then kitty litter is another eco-friendly snow removal alternative. However, avoid getting the pricier litter brands and settle for an inexpensive clay-based product sans the chemicals, perfumes, and gelling agents.

With these ideas in mind, Against The Elements hopes you are excited for the fall in Pinckney, MI. We have dealings in many other land & hardscaping services. Our track record is spotless owing to our commitment to delivering living, breathing masterpieces for the aesthetics of your home.

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