Lawn Mowing

We take great care to ensure that you have a well-manicured lawn, cutting until no excess clippings remain on the lawn. This includes trimming around all obstacles, edging, and blowing away stray grass clippings. We will not tear up your lawn. Our equipment can handle steep hills, lakes and ponds, most any kind of terrain. We sharpen our blades daily and our fleet of mowers is equipped with deflectors to block debris from hitting cars and pedestrians.

Landscape Design & Installation

Call us to speak with a designer.  We will listen to your needs and wants and create a plan that fits both your property needs and budget.  Installation of small shrubs, flowers, trees can enhance your existing landscape, or create an all-new landscaped yard incorporating colorful flowerbeds and hardscaping.


Fire pits, Patios, Retaining Walls, Stone work; all these hardscape materials add elegance to your home, business, or cottage. There is so much variety when it comes to installing these materials. We can customize the project to fit your landscape environment and accent your property.

Hedge & Shrub Trimming

We will groom your bushes and shrubbery into any shape or design. Our equipment allows for most large or small situations. Clean up and debris removal included.  Have us trim your shrubs before installing mulch for a vibrant, clean finish to your flowerbeds.

Mulch & Stone Installation

Choose from a variety of bed materials: decorative stone, hardwood bark, and environmental mulch. We can deliver and install it in your flower beds and around trees. Weeding and flowerbed prep optional, weed barrier and granular weed preventer available upon request. The benefits of mulch go beyond decorative appeal; it helps lock in moisture, provides soil enrichment, deters weeds, and discourages unwanted insects.

Leaf Cleanup

Fall in Michigan can be a constant battle with the leaves in your yard. When you ask for a fall cleanup you can be sure that we will blow out your flower beds, collect your leaves, and have your yard prepared for winter. Each spring a variety of equipment can be used to remove any residual leaves and tree debris, preparing it for summer growth. No place in your yard to put all of it? Removal of yard waste off premises is available.

Aeration & Dethatching

Compacted soil lowers the lawn’s ability to use the nutrients in the soil. Core aeration increases water and air exchange into the root zone. After aerating the lawn, we recommend overseeding or fertilizing the lawn to encourage it to grow thick and strong. Dethatching removes the dead layer of plant material that can be trapped on the soil’s surface. After the lawn is dethatched, the dead material is removed and nutrients can enter the soil easier.

Snow & Ice Management

Our expert plow drivers are experienced in clearing any amount of snow or ice that unpredictable Michigan winters bring. Our fleet of trucks is prepared to plow and de-ice commercial and industrial lots, subdivisions, school campuses, and residential driveways. We continually monitor the changing weather conditions so when you drive into work, your parking lot is already clean. Truck routes are purposely limited to 6-8 hours. Therefore during heavy storms, when multiple passes are necessary, you are never left stranded in the snow.