Against the Elements, LLC is a Brighton, MI company that has grown exponentially since inception. Micah Johnson, owner of Against the Elements, started his business in his residential neighborhood. The quality and precision of his work was recognized at once and spoke for itself; growing the company and its customer base rapidly.


Micah now employs a team of dedicated professionals like himself. His business strategy is evident in the quality of the individuals he hires, as many of them bring in skills from previous experience that can be used to enhance the services the company is able to provide its customers.

Over time, the amount of equipment, employees, and available services grew into a much larger operation, able to develop beyond the residential sphere. The number of commercial and municipal properties they service now accounts for about fifty percent of the business. With expansion, Against the Elements, LLC also acquired other businesses, most notably Pebble Creek Services in the South Lyon and Brighton areas.


Micah holds two bachelors degrees, in Business Management, and Accounting from Cleary University in Howell, MI. He seeks continuing education courses to advance the vision of Against the Elements, LLC and allows him to continue pursuing new avenues in property management services with education and field experience.